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Together we are better..


Collaborating our efforts with other agencies and community stakeholders is an essential part of the ecological and holistic approach of development that is the forefront of C.A.R.E.’s model for service delivery. Through these efforts we have been able to assist in building positive lives for children, their families and communities.  


We have been able to join efforts with a network of community based organizations to alleviate the effects of poverty and provide opportunities for youth to flourish. These organizations include;

NYC Department of Education

Community Counseling & Mediation (CCM) 

Watchful Eye

Neighbors in Action

Ralph Lincoln Service Center

African American Clergy & Elected Officials (AACEO)

Inner Inner Force Day Care

Inner Force After School Program


UFT Charter School

The Campaign Against Hunger 



Martial Arts schools

and many more!

Click the icons to learn more about each organization! 

NYC Department Of Education
Neighbors In Action New York
Inner Force New York
The UFT Charter School New York
YWCA Brooklyn
Watchful Eye New York

Crowm Heights Community Mediation Center

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Community Counseling & Meditation New York

Explorer Precinct Youth Officers


As a certified M/WBE we have accumulated credentials working with over fifteen 21st Century Community Learning Centers grants.

In addition to providing our services through 21st Century, C.A.R.E. has also received grant recognition through ESDVP,SONYC & DYCD/COMPASS. 

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